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The WARRIOR package

Over time the Connaught customer base has expanded steadily; the acquisition of WARRIOR Automotive Developments, which was announced in Feb 2003, has provided yet further growth with it becoming the preferred engine for various Historic Championships. The WARRIOR Twin Cam 16V Cylinder Head is still very much in demand for the Ford Pinto engine and we now supply these conversion kits. We received many enquiries for the Safari Rally, RAC and Lombard during 2005.

The WARRIOR package includes: Fully Finished Cylinder Head, Valves and all Valve Train Components, Camshafts and Followers, Camshaft Carriers and Covers, Vernier Timing Pulleys and Belt, Inlet Manifold and Gasket, all Nuts, Bolts, Washers, etc. We can also machine valve pockets in customer's pistons to suit the application, supply conventional or electronic ignition systems, carburettors and provide a complete build, setup and installation for your WARRIOR engine.

Example engine specification: Ford 2.0 litre Pinto, 2046cc, (bore 92mm), crankshaft: 76.95mm billet steel, forged steel conrods, forged alloy pistons, steel flywheel, dry sump (2 Gal), WARRIOR 16 Valve Twin-Cam Cylinder Head, 2 x 48mm Weber DCOE carburettors, DA 10 cams, Power 238 bhp at 7500 rpm, Torque 185 lbs.ft at 5500 rpm. With more radical cams and 50mm Weber DCOE carburettors 270 bhp at 8000 rpm and 205 lbs.ft at 5500 rpm can be achieved.

The WARRIOR Cylinder Head has proved both extremely popular and effective in Eire with competitors in the closed road tarmac rally championships. WARRIOR equipped engines are also successful in rallying and hillclimbing all over Britain, Europe and even Australia.In 2005 Connaught built a very special 2400cc engine which produced over 300 bhp and 230 lbs.ft of torque on full engine management. Connaught will be pleased to quote for your particular requirements, please call.

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Customer's WARRIOR Escort (click to enlarge) Customer's WARRIOR Escort (click to enlarge)

WARRIOR Cylinder Head (click to enlarge) WARRIOR Cylinder Head (click to enlarge)

The WARRIOR kit (click to enlarge) The WARRIOR kit (click to enlarge)

WARRIOR Installation (click to enlarge) WARRIOR Installation (click to enlarge)