Unit A, Wormdale Farm, Newington, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 7PX

Connaught Competition Engines - specialists in racing engines

Established in February 1985, Newington based Connaught Competition Engines has built up an enviable track record within motorsport. Proprietor Phil Price graduated with an IMech Tech from a tool making apprenticeship with the Ministry of Defence and worked for six years with Minister Racing Engines before setting up on his own.

In its first year of operation, Connaught's Atlantic BDA powered Steve Holland's GRD to the Lydden-based Formula Libre Championship. With a move to new premises after that first year, the company based its output on Formula Ford engines and rapidly established a reputation for championship winning Ford Kent units which continues to this day, particularly in Historic racing.

The company's work has since diversified to encompass an ever widening range of competition engines including the ever-popular Ford Twin-cams and BDAs, plus specialist development units such as Renault, Alfa Romeo, and a number of Japanese engines including motorcycle units.

The company's Superflow SF871 dynamometer, which can accept engine speeds up to 12,000 rpm and power outputs up to 1500 bhp, enables full build, development and power output documentation of larger engines too, such as for example a 5-litre Ford Boss 302 V8, a Ford Cologne Weslake V6 and a range of Judd and Cosworth ex. F1 V8 units for hillclimbing, sprinting and Thoroughbred GP racing with Classic Team Lotus.

Historic racing forms an important part of Connaught's customer base, with Ford Twincam, BDA (and derivatives) and Hart units much in demand. The company has also built successful engines from an earlier era such as Coventry Climax FW and FPF, Ford SCA and FVA units. All these engines are fully run in and set up on our dynamometer, if required, before delivery.

Connaught Competition Engines' work is not confined to engines however. Using our extensive workshop facilities, a full race preparation service is also available. This wide range of activity necessitated a move in early 2004 to much larger premises (3,500 sq. ft.) in Wormdale Farm, close to the original Newington site.

Connaught has also acquired full manufacturing rights for the WARRIOR (see Warrior page) 16-valve twincam Ford Pinto-based units, much in demand for historic rallying since their adoption by Holbay. These Ford Pinto-based engines are available from 1600cc to 2.5 litres, with 300 bhp and 220 lb. ft of torque supplied by the bigger units.

Connaught moved into 2005 with larger premises, an expanding customer base and an ever widening range of activities while maintaining its reputation as a builder of winning race engines. "We go with the flow", says proprietor Phil Price. "Our reputation is such that we don't really need to advertise extensively. Our results speak for themselves and enquiries are coming in from worldwide."

Connaught Ford TC (click to enlarge) Connaught Ford TC (click to enlarge)

Dynamometer (click to enlarge) Dynamometer (click to enlarge)

Lotus Team Cars (click to enlarge) Lotus Team Cars (click to enlarge)

Brabham BT30 1600 BDA (click to enlarge) Brabham BT30 1600 BDA (click to enlarge)

Wormdale Farm Premises (click to enlarge) Wormdale Farm Premises (click to enlarge)