Unit A, Wormdale Farm, Newington, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 7PX


12 July 2009

After a successfull Orwell race the weekend before, G-Cat Racing, Doug Hart and the March 75S travelled to the Masters Sportscar race at Magny Cours.
   With the race a mix of all types including DFV engined Le Mans cars, the 2-litre March-BDG would have its work cut out to maintain the pace.
   The first 30 minute race saw Hart in a stern battle with two V8s, but after one of them fell by the wayside he claimed second place.
   The second race was almost a repeat of the first, different only in that it was the first race winner that dropped out and the other V8 that took the win! This was the best thing that could have happened from Doug's point of view, as on the aggregate results of both races it  left him in first place overall.
   Two outright wins in two weekends - a great result for us all. Thanks to Doug and G-Cat.