Unit A, Wormdale Farm, Newington, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 7PX


5 April 2009

Having been beaten into second place by Sylvie Mullins' 4-litre Gould GR37 at Saturday's event, Paul O'Connell and the Delta-Warrior were back to their winning ways the following day when yet another big effort saw Paul get a 1.5 sec advantage over his more powerful rival. 'I may be 350 bhp down, but I can't let him have it the easy way,' said the 2008 Champion! This coming weekend ( 18/19th April ) sees the next rounds. Who will make the No.1 spot this time? 
   At the same meeting, Simon McKinley was once again doing his giant killing act in the 2.4 Warrior engined Escort, fifth and seventh places once again putting him well in amongst the single seater runners.  With the Lant soon to be back together, also with 2.4 Warrior power, he will be well worth watching.