Unit A, Wormdale Farm, Newington, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 7PX

Connaught Speed Championship

3 June 2018

Round 10 Silverstone Stowe Sun 3rd June

With barely time to wash our Nomex undies, a number of Connaught Competitors drove on from Coventry to Silverstone Stowe circuit for round 10. The World RallyCross event used part of the circuit the week before but fears of a dust ridden track were unfounded. I did find a complete tread of a RX tyre on my circuit walk though...Lets see how the 13 competitors did on the day.

Once again Steve Riddle opened proceedings and once again he won Class SB Road going Production 1400cc- 2000cc in the Renault Clio 172 on a 63.94 half a second ahead of the second man.

In 1B the Saloon Cars 1400cc-2000cc split, the Martorana brothers took 4th and 5th places. Leo grabbing 4th on a 65.45 in the shared Alfa Romeo Mito and Adriano 5th on a 66.97. In 6th Helen Currie in her Renault Clio was oh so close to Adriano on a 67.04- just 7/100ths behind....

In 1C Saloon cars over 2000cc Paul Jaggard took his Alfa Romeo to the class win on a 66.23 with Emma Hunt snapping at his heels in her Golf on 68.14.

2A the wordily named Road Going Kit and Space-Framed cars up to 1700cc car derived engines - saw Graham Holdstock in the Caterham 7 take 2nd place on a 61.38. It was very tight here as seen by Paul Webbs 4th place on a 61.90 barely 1/2 a second behind Graham.

In 2B the over 1700cc split Simon Jones in the Westfield took 2nd place on a 57.00 dead

Class 3C Modified Production cars over 2000cc had Will Hunt's Sierra Cossie firing nicely to win the class at a gallop on 58.46.

In 4A Clive Wooster's Radical took the Sports Libre up to 1700cc win on a 52.77 and held onto 2nd Fastest Overall.

Just one class ahead of that- 5A Racing cars up to 1100cc- saw Steven Potter took not only the class but overall FTD in a very swift 50.89 in the OMS 2000M. -many congratulations - a great drive.

Our final runner - very appropriately running in the MG section- Group 1 Standard MGs up to 1500cc- was Andrew Till who took the class on a 65.18 in his MG ZR 105.

So with just a week to sort out cars its Abingdon Car-Nival next on 9th June. See you there!