Unit A, Wormdale Farm, Newington, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 7PX

Oulton Park

27 August 2012

   The bank holiday weekend, saw the Masters GT and '70s Touring Cars move to the very popular Oulton Park track. Bob and daughter Vicky took the family Lotus Elan to do both the Master GT 1hr race and the '70s GT Roadsports. Vicky was to do this alone as it was only 20mins.  Yet another new circuit for her, she was soon on the pace. With a good qualifying slot inbetween showers & sun. In the race she found herself yet more time. With a good drive to a 3rd overall and lead car in the class.
A very happy dad, Bob, saw what he had to do in the Masters race. A combined race of  two drivers of 1hr with sports racing cars and the GT cars. The family Elan did not miss a beat once again proving to be very competitiive. With a fine 5th O/A and 2nd in class. The pair a good combiation it seams. With other daughter Chrissy waiting in the wings, Dad may soon be out of a drive !