Unit A, Wormdale Farm, Newington, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 7PX

Car Photos Gallery Page 10

Jason Lapley Warrior 2.0lt Pirelli 3rd

B19 BDG 2008 Kevin & Mike

Simon McKinley 2.4 Lant Warrior

Paul O Connell 2007 Irish Hillclimb

Paul Goddard 1600 BDA Escort Mk1

Rowland Kinch 3.0 DFV S/S Arrows A1

Dick Slaughter 2.0 BDG Gp4 Escort

RS1800 Pascal Regnier and Maryline Furne

2.0 Chevron-BDG B19

1965 FIA Historic 911

CCE 3.2 911 Turbo at Harewood

Ashley Ward: 2007 Leaders class champ.
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